Set up your Sakai course

What do you need to do before the semester starts?

Train, Import and Add Content/Tools using Sakai Faculty Handouts:
  1. Train: Sign up for the required Intro to Sakai online workshop 
  2. If teaching online/hybrid: Sign up for the Intermediate Sakai online workshop 
  3. Import your prior course materials into your new course: Import Content to Sakai
  4. Review the Sakai Instructor Procedures
  5. If teaching online/hybrid, add Lessons to organize your course content
  6. Add Course Content to your Site (under each tool name, the first link usually contains a handout) 
  7. Add Sakai Communication Tools  
  8. Set up your Gradebook
  9. Optionally, add Forums, Tests and/or Assignments 
Before your Sakai classes start:
    1. Set-up your "Home page" with the Site Info Tool
    2. Reorder your Main Menu Tools and Publish your course with Site Info
    3. Add a welcome video to your course and/or weekly lessons with Jing or Screencast-o-Matic
    4. Check out Tools for Teaching for instructions on how to find and create images, screen shots, videos and lessons, using tools such as Office Mix, Jing, and VoiceThread.  
    Need training? (Note: You must successfully complete your Intro to Sakai workshop before attending these sessions):

    Review the Sakai Training Workshop schedule for work sessions, advanced Sakai workshops and Tools for Teaching workshops