Aug 6, 2018

Sakai Instructors: Top Tips or How to Stop Wasting Your Time

Most Sakai instructors are aware of the basics for setting up their courses, but we've found that some instructors are unaware of a few important ways you can save yourself precious time and effort.  Here's a few of our "top tips": 

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Why Create Tests "from Scratch"? Use Markup Text

  • Instead of creating each test question one by one, create all of your test questions using Sakai's markup text. (This is the only way I create tests and quizzes.)

Sample markup text question, answer *a., b., c., d.,

Only Create Gradebook Items You *Really* Need

  • When do you need to create Gradebook items? You need to create a Gradebook item for each graded Forum Topic, or when you collect assignments in class, and want to manually record the scores in the Gradebook. You can find out more in the Gradebook tool area.

Add Gradebook items for surveys, posts or in-class assignments

Don't Struggle-Grade Forum Posts the Easy Way

  • Sakai provides many ways to grade your student's discussion posts. Many of us like to see all of a particular student's posts at once, and beside it, type in the student's grade and feedback.  
  • Here are the instructions on how to use our recommended Forum grading technique: "How to Grade Students' Forum Posts": video | handout . They're both available in the Forums tool area. 
View all student posts, and add grade/feedback when grading forum posts

Don't copy and paste! 

  • Sakai provides Site Info - Import from Site so instructors can quickly copy course content from one course to another. You can find the step-by-step instructions titled Importing Course Content (PDF) in Sakai Resources for Instructors, in the General Resources area.
  • Also, if you only need to copy one test from another course, you can! We have a handout with step-by-step instructions in the Tests and Quizzes tool area, titled Copy a test from one Sakai site to another.


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