Jun 26, 2018

Meetings/BBB New Feature: Meeting Statistics and Student Participation Data!

Meetings Statistics Now Available 

Meetings (BigBlueButton), our open-source web conferencing tool, now tracks your student's participation and polling results, when you record your meeting. In the Sakai Meetings tool, in the Recordings tab, each recording will now display a link to Statistics, as shown below: 

Meetings Recordings tab, now displays Statistics link for recordings

In Meetings recordings, the amount of student "attention" is tracked for each student, divided into five categories:

  • Speaking, chatting/messaging, using an emoji, raising a hand and responses to polls.

Overall Meeting Statistics

In the Statistics link, you'll see an overview of the meeting; an aggregated number of student "attention" activities and polling responses; plus links to individual student participation data:

Overall Meeting statistics are available, for aggregated student attention and polling participation

Student Participation Data

In Statistics, when you click on the name of a student, you'll see an overview of their participation (duration in the meeting, join and left times), their "activity events", and their answers to every poll question you presented in the meeting. Some of the student participation data is shown below:

Individual student participation data is available

Video Overview of the new Meetings Statistics feature

Here is a video, demonstrating the Meetings Statistics feature, that is now available for your recorded meetings:


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