Jan 29, 2018

What Sakai tool can you use to track student activity? Statistics!

You can use the Statistics tool, which is added to every Sakai course, to find out when your students are active in your course, and what they are doing. Previously, you could view student activity with the User Activity tool provided by our vendor; now you have Statistics! 

With the Statistics tool, you can run "reports" based on date ranges, for all or specific students, that lists your student's activities, such as posting/replying in Forums, submitting an Assignment or submitting a Test. See the example Statistics report below:

How do you create a Statistics report?

  1. On your course menu, click on Statistics 
  2. At the top, click on the REPORTS tab
  3. Click on the "Add" link, to create a new Report (you can save Reports, too)
  4. If you're going to save your report, you can add a title, otherwise, skip the title and description
  5. You can skip the "What?" section; usually you want to track all of the tools your students use
  6. In the "When?" section, select your report date range:
    • The default is for the last 7 days
    • Or you can select the last "30 days", or last "365 days"
    • If you want to pick a specific date range, select "custom", then choose your start and end date and times
  7. In the "Who?" section, select which student's activity you want to track:
    • The default is "All" students
    • Or you can select "custom" and click on a student's name/userid; to select more than one student, click on the CTRL button on your keyboard and continue selecting students
  8.  In the "How?" section, click on the CTRL button on your keyboard, to also select Tool, along with User, Event and Date.
  9. At the bottom, click on the "Generate report" button 
  10. You can click on the Date then Userid column headings, to sort the results by date, then by student id/name. Click on Export at the bottom the report to save the results.


Sakai 11 User Guide: Statistics

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