Jan 24, 2018

Spring 2018 Instructional Technology Workshops

We've providing training workshops and materials this semester that will help you with your learning and teaching!

Instructional Technology Workshops (and TLC's)

Microsoft is retiring Office Mix effective May 1, 2018

Office Mix Preview logo

  • Part 1: If you presently use Office Mix, please attend either the February or March TLC session "Office Mix is Nixed! What Next?", to get an overview of the upcoming changes.

  • Part 2: You can also register for one of the March or April Instructional Technology Workshops Office Mix Transition for Current Users: Hands-on Session to find out how to move your published Office Mixes to a new platform. 
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Do you assign online videos for your students to watch?

If you want to track what your students are watching or ask questions while students are watching a video, register for the Add Interactivity to Videos with Edpuzzle workshop.

Digital Accessibility and TLC Workshops 

human-like figure with outstreched hands and arms
By GNOME icon artists (HTTP / FTP)
[CC BY-SA 3.0 or LGPL], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Need to make your Word or PowerPoint presentations accessible? Register for one of the Spring Digital Accessibility workshops.
  • Find out what you can do next, after you've taken the Digital Accessibility Workshops: Attend the "Accessibility, How Do I Do That Again?" workshop at the TLC Conference on Tuesday, March 6, in the 2 - 3 pm session, presented by Amy Netzel, our Instructional Designer/Web Accessibility Specialist. 

Sakai logo

Need help organizing your Sakai course with Lessons?

We've finished the last module, Lessons, for the Intermediate Sakai - Online! (updated for Sakai 11) course. You can register now! We highly recommend this course to all online and hybrid instructors; in addition, all face-to-face instructors are invited to register as well! In addition to modules on the Gradebook, Tests and Quizzes, Forums, and Assignments, you can learn:
  • How to create a clear, organized structure for your course using weekly subpages in Lessons
  • How to add content to subpages, including how to locate captioned videos and display videos on a subpage  
  • How to create "tool links" within Lessons to specific Forums, Assignments, and Tests or Quizzes

Sakai Web Conferencing workshop

Want to share your documents,  presentations or desktop with your remote students? Register for Web Conferencing with Sakai Meetings (BigBlueButton) workshop to find out how. The latest version now allows participants to:
  • Share updating a document, write on the whiteboard, and participants can download a presentation file.

Curriculum Online/Hybrid Attendance Instructions

Not sure how to track attendance for different types of courses? Check out this handout Karen McPhaul created for online/hybrid attendance tracking:   


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