Sep 13, 2017

Teacher/Instructor Myths: Video Equipment = Fantastic videos

Myth: There seems to be this idea among instructors and teachers that if there was just a room, with video equipment, at your school or college, that creating videos would be easy. You'd walk in, breeze out, and have a video you could post in your LMS or web site.

  Image: 'GCPVideoStudio2'

Reality: Sorry, it isn't so. Even at universities that do have a room with video equipment-you don't walk in and breeze out with an interesting, effective video for your course. Why not?
  1. Just like any lesson you create, you have to have a plan for what your video will contain. What are you going to discuss, show or do? Are you going to talk about yourself, your course expectations, teach a lesson about math, or show how to build a web site? Guess who has to figure this out? You.
  2. Who is going to operate the video equipment? Someone has to do the recording and editing, and at most institutions, that someone, is you. Most institutions do not have the staff to record (and do the really hard part, edit) your recording, no matter how fascinating your presentation may be. (And of institutions who do have video equipment "rooms", few if any instructors use the magic video room, even when staffed!).
  3. What about recording your class? If you have ever seen recorded classes on TV, you'll notice that they are hard to hear, hard to see, and students look like they would like to be anywhere else but there. It's very difficult to record a classroom session successfully, even with the best equipment and operators (and someone still has to edit the results...). Otherwise, wouldn't everybody do it? 

What can you do? This isn't what folks want to hear, but, you, not a mythical room, can use free and inexpensive tools to record yourself and/or your computer screen. Here are some suggestions:
  • Screencast-o-Matic: Record your computer screen or you (via webcam) or both (picture in picture); upload to YouTube.
  • Office Mix: Narrate your PowerPoints; upload to YouTube.
  • YouTube: Find closed-captioned videos and manage your videos.
  • EDpuzzle: Make videos interactive: add questions IN your videos.

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