Aug 4, 2017

*Free* Fall MOOC's for Teachers/Educators

I like taking MOOC's to keep up with changes in Education (and Web Technologies) and I like to look at classes I could take for fun! Here's a few free courses for Teachers/Educators you may be interested in (I don't work for these companies, I just like to learn "free").
Two heads facing each other-with tons of different colored bubbles above their heads, filled with objects, such as computers, beakers,

Watch out: Companies have changed how they offer their "free" courses. Many courses are still free. But now, some courses are free, but there's a catch: you don't get to submit the assignments and/or tests (I've audited quite a few MOOC's in the last year, but was still able to access discussions and take tests "free"; so they vary). 

Just like there were previously, there are courses you can pay for, if you want a certificate. But there's now a new wrinkle: paid specializations and programs. Groups of individual courses are bundled, and available for a price. So if you want to take free courses, search for individual courses, don't sign up for specializations/programs.

Starting Aug 7 from Coursera:

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