Jul 31, 2017

Sakai Checklist: Get ready for Fall!

It's almost that time again, and this is when folks look at the sky and wonder "what do I do first"?

  1. Get Training: Very soon, you can register for the new online Intermediate Sakai 11 course, to learn how to use the new Gradebook, and find out the latest about Forums, Assignments, and Tests and Quizzes (both Assignments and Tests and Quizzes had quite a few updates in Sakai 11).

  2. Copy Your Course: You'll probably want to import your previous Sakai course. You can now copy your Home Page (Site Information Display), too!

  3. Review the Course Guidelines: If you're wondering if anything's missing or if you're looking for ideas on what to add, check out the Curriculum Online Course Guidelines with Resources. Many of the guidelines will apply to any type of course.
    1. You really should look at the Resources, too. A number of the guidelines have extra ideas provided; to the right of a guideline, such as Engagement, number 6, click on the Expand link, to find lots of ideas on how to actively engage your students in your course
  4.  Use the New Syllabus Template (Fall/2017): If you haven't created your Syllabus yet, there's a new Template, with instructions, available on Durham Tech's Instructional Resources web page. Tip: If you're copying and pasting from the previous Syllabus, paste "Text Only", to make it easier for you to work with your text in your new syllabus.
  5. Check your Gradebook: Now that you have your Syllabus ready, make sure your Gradebook matches your Syllabus grading scheme. Not sure? Soon you can register for our Intermediate Sakai 11 course to learn about the new Gradebook, which looks like a spreadsheet; or check out our Sakai Gradebook resources, with info about both the new Gradebook and Classic Gradebook.
  6. Update those dates! You'll need to update dates in your Lessons subpages (if you use them), Tests and Quizzes (and publish the quizzes/tests), Assignments, Forums, and anywhere else you use dates.

  7. Email your Welcome message to Students: Students appreciate it when they know what to expect, such as where to meet, required textbooks, special tools or materials, how to logon to Sakai, and how to contact you, the instructor.
  8. Publish your course: On your course start date, publish your course, so it is available to students!
Need Help? Check out:
Or please contact us at sakaihelp@durhamtech.edu 

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