May 8, 2017

Our Favorite Tech Tools 2017 Edition

This year's Favorite Tech Tools focused on a wide variety of free (or low-cost), easy-to-use tools, that work in the classroom, in hybrid/online courses or both. 

Socrative logo

  • First, what can you do to find out if your students are "getting it", while you're still in the classroom? Quiz with Socrative! Make up a quick quiz to check your student's understanding; in class, your students can use their own devices or work in teams to answer the questions. 
  • As soon as they complete the quiz, you can make all of the student responses anonymous; show the results to the class; and quickly review what is not "sticking" or understood. 
EDpuzzle logo

  • Next, what if you assign videos, but don't know if students are watching them? Whether outside of the classroom or in your online/hybrid class, EDpuzzle can track your student video participation: 
  • Find a video, add questions or audio/text notes beside important parts of the video, and EDpuzzle tracks your student's answers and time spent watching the video.
Icon made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
  • Do you have a printed document, but lost the Word or PowerPoint file? 
  • The Office Lens app allows you to capture a printed document, generates a Word or PowerPoint file, that you can edit. Or you can capture a whiteboard, memos or notes...
google cardboard logo
  • Do you need your students to take a tour of a museum or visit a different country?  Explore the world with Virtual Reality, a smartphone, and an inexpensive viewer, Google Cardboard.

One Second Every day logo

  • What if you have a project, that you want your students to document, over the semester? The 1 Second Everyday app allows students to record a short video or snapshot, each day, or for a number of days, and compiles it into a short movie.

colorful car created with autodraw
  • What if you can't draw, but need to demo something to your students?
  • Try out Google's Autodraw-it will try to figure out what you're drawing, you can pick an icon, add colors, and save it as an image.  

Durham Tech's Tools for Teaching resources 

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