Apr 7, 2017

Sakai 11 is here-now what?

Sakai 11 is NOW available!

TLC Workshops

There's still time to register for and attend the last two hands-on accessibility workshops:
  • Friday, April 7: Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations
  • Thursday, April 27: Creating Accessible Documents in Word

Missed our TLC Tools/Webinar workshops?

New Sakai 11 videos and courses

Sakai 11 Issues and Tips

If you're wondering if there are a few new tricks you could be using, or if something works a bit differently than you expected:
  • Check out our Sakai 11 Issues and Tips page--it is updated as new issues and tips arise and/or solutions/fixes are applied.

Sakai 11 Instructions and handouts

Need more help? Please check out the Sakai 11 User Guide created by the Sakai Community
  •  Or email us at sakaihelp@durhamtech.edu

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