Nov 11, 2016

Sakai Virtual Conference 2016: Recordings available!

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If you missed the third annual online Sakai Virtual Conference,  (it focuses on teaching with Sakai, learning, sharing, best practices, and community building), never fear! The Sakai Virtual Conference playlist of  the 2016 conference sessions are available now. 

What were the sessions about?
There are many excellent presentations to listen to, but if you want to know what some of the popular "themes" were, here's some of the popular topics to choose from:
  • Best Practices: What are best practices for Sakai courses? Blended? Online?
  • Lessons: Tips / Learning pathways in Lessons
  • Conversion: What is it like to convert to Sakai 11 (from a technical and user view)
  • Upcoming updates: More Sakai Accessibility, Resources, Gradebook, Site Info
  • Hot Topics: Student Engagement, Problem-based Learning, Learning Analytics

What did participants say they liked best about the conference?
  • "Huge variety of topics and presenters (from tech experts to innovative end-users); interactivity, fast-paced sessions packed with vital information and a sense of community!"
  • "Good practical insights from currents users about features, challenges and opportunities with Sakai"
  • "Working with Sakai users all over the world who are doing such interesting things with Sakai"

Who was there? 
Over 375 faculty and staff attended the conference this year from around the world.

Where will the money raised go?

Hope to "see" you next year (the conference is usually held the first week in November).

Sakai 2016 Virtual Conference playlist
Sakai Virtual Conference web site
Introducing Sakai 11 video (2:31 min)
Sakai Project web site

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