Jul 21, 2016

Summer Pilot: Teaching and Designing an Online Course Workshop

 This summer we offered a face-to-face pilot workshop titled: Teaching and Designing an Online Course. Eleven part-time and full-time instructors worked with us on the following topics: 

Handprints on a paper, with the saying: Students will not simply pass through a course like water through a sieve, but instead leave their own imprint on the learning process by Bryn Holmes (2001)
  1. Course Structure and Course Expectations
  2. Course Design and Learner Engagement
  3. Assessment, Grading and Academic Integrity
  4. The Human Factor: Communication, Feedback, and Course Orientation
Each week, participants were assigned homework to complete. Later, the participants received text, video and audio feedback using email, Screencast-O-Matic or Vocaroo

We'd like to thank our "beta testers" for helping us try out the course! 

THE GOOD: What did the participants like? (From an anonymous survey)
  • Finding out what to put on a weekly Lessons subpage
  • Viewing examples of other instructors course sites
  • Creating an introductory video (and humanizing my course)
  • Hands-on Sakai training
  • Feedback provided by facilitators
  • Finding ways to make a course engaging 
  • Playing Kahoot
  • Discovering time-saving tips and how to improve my course 
THE BAD:  Lessons Learned:
  • Allow lots of time for instructors to share/work with each other
  • More hands-on, less lecture
  • In future, instructors will need to complete both the Intro to Sakai Online course and the Intermediate Sakai Online course before attending the workshop.
THE UGLY: One session:
  • For our second session, an Internet outage affected three local community colleges (us included) and a host of local public K-12 schools. The participants were wonderfully patient; it was a good time to get to know each other and share ideas and tips.  
We hope to offer the course again in Spring 2017. If interested in attending our next workshop:
 A Few Teaching and Designing Course Links:
Sakai Tools Resources:

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