May 18, 2016

Our Favorite Tech Tools

For our eighth Favorite Tech Tools, we focused on free tools that you can use in your online courses, but also tried out tools that you can have fun with in the classroom.
Since YouTube MyWebcam went away (YouTube discontinued it), I found out that good ole Screencast-o-Matic allows you to quickly create your videos and allows you to upload your videos directly to YouTube. Screencast-o-Matic has been updated; you have three ways you can create a video:
  1. Demo what you're doing on your screen
  2. Use your webcam to create a video of yourself
  3. My favorite: I like showing a tiny view of myself on my webcam in the corner of the screen, while I'm demo'ing how to create a web page or demo how to test whether styles have been applied to a web site. Students get to see my facial expressions, yet still get to see my demo. 
Tired of Discussion Boards but need interaction? So are we (and our students). Karen found out about NowComment from another Sakai university.  NowComment turns documents (or web pages, pictures, or videos) into class conversations. 
  • After you upload a document, your students can comment on a specific sentence, a paragraph, or on the entire article. 
  • And of course, you and your students can reply to each other.
Looking for photos but don't want to mess with figuring out Creative Commons?
Even though it's used a lot by K-12, I taught my students to use Photos For Class, so they could find flickr photos, that had the Creative Commons attributions added to them when you downloaded them. I use it myself as well-it's fast, easy and free!

Need to wake your students up? 

We played a game of Kahoot, which is an exciting way to compete to answer quiz questions, using a few or many devices. 
  • You can work as teams or individuals when answering the questions, and you can add text, images, equations, symbols and videos to questions.

We also played GooseChase, which is  an online scavenger hunt that participants complete on their smartphones. 
  • It's a great way for you and your students to get to know each other, your environment or your institution. 
  • Again, you can use images, videos, text and even GPS in questions and answers.
Tools for Teaching: Resources for Creating videos, creating interactive videos, and creating PowerPoint voiceovers

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