Mar 10, 2016

Web Accessibility: What is it? What do we need to do?

Instructional Technologies and the Teaching-Learning Center invited Darrin Evans, the Director of the NC Virtual Learning Community's Professional Development Center to provide:
  • An Introduction to Web Accessibility
  • Hands-on training for making Word or PowerPoint documents accessible
  • Plus: all three workshops were offered twice: February 12 and March 9, 2016

WebAIM Color Contrast Checker
WebAIM Color Contrast Checker From Access MOOC CC-BY

Need a Plan: It was a bit of a surprise for many to find out that all 58 North Carolina Community Colleges are supposed to be in year three of a five year plan to develop college-wide accessibility goals and implement them. The NC Virtual Learning Community has developed a Web Accessibility web site to help faculty and staff update their content and web sites. Darrin also pointed out that our publisher content must be accessible as well.

LMS Accessibility: Faculty, developers and usability experts strive to make all of the Sakai LMS core tools accessible and are working towards meeting the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level A and AA Success Criteria as well. Durham Tech has contributed grant funds to help make this happen!

Other NC CC's: Darrin noted that many NC community colleges (in the Triangle, too)  are in the initial stages of developing their college web accessibility plans and implementations. 

Example "Premium" Plan: To get an idea of the types of resources NC State University provides, here is their  Accessibility @ NC State University web page, which outlines an array of accessibility assistance available, such as transportation options, maps with designated building and parking accessibility, library accessibility resources, and procurement guidelines.


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