Feb 24, 2016

What's Coming in Sakai 11? Find out now!

Durham Tech was lucky to get Neal Caidin, the Sakai Community Coordinator, to provide a workshop about what's coming up right around the corner (there's a 50/50 chance Sakai 11 will be ready May 2016, but don't quote anyone on that estimate).
First Neal made sure we knew the Sakai "basics":
  • What is open source? Free software (not kind of free, or strings attached)
  • What is Sakai? Sakai is not just a free Learning Management System, but a community of higher education developers and educators, working on creating the best learning environment they can. There are numerous groups of educators who work together on Sakai, such as the Sakai Teaching and Learning Group, Accessibility Group, Quality Assurance Group, or the Sakai User Group. 

Then Neal got down to the nitty-gritty: What is Coming in Sakai 11?
  • New responsive infrastructure (Morpheus): Sakai will not only work on desktops, but also on tablets and phones (some tools still need tweaking to be considered "mobile")
  • Student Dashboard: There will be one location for students to see all of their assignment due dates--for all of their Sakai courses 

Sakai Tool Enhancements:
  • Assignments: Added Peer and Group Assignments
  • Resources: You can drag and drop files into Resources
  • CKEditor (Text Editor): Autosaves your changes!
  • GradebookNG: Redesigned, simplified Gradebook, that looks and acts like an Excel spreadsheet 
  • STEP (Test Enhancement Project): Added the ability in a test to have multiple release dates/times for different students/groups, plus more user friendly options 
  • LEAP (Lessons Enhancement Project): Simplified, user-friendly design.

What can you do to get involved in Sakai? Explore Sakai

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