Nov 9, 2015

Favorite Fall Interactive Tool: Office Mix

We were big fans of myBrainshark and were very disappointed when they decided to stop supporting their free version of the product. Why was it loved? PowerPoint users could easily add audio narrations to their slides and upload the finished product to the web. Instructors put a link to their narrated PowerPoints in their online/hybrid classes on our LMS. Now what?

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Since we had dozens of instructors who had created myBrainsharks, Karen went into hyperdrive and researched a number of tools. Since we have Office 2013 available for all of our faculty and staff, she looked into Office Mix, an Add-In for PowerPoint 2013 or Office 365 (sorry, doesn't work with earlier versions or with Macs). 

What can you do with PowerPoint's Office-Mix Add-In? 
  • Narrate slides and if needed, update audio for any slide
  • Add picture-in-picture video
  • Add "test" questions, and get analytics of student answers and performance
  • Record slide animations
  • Record digital ink on your slides (write on slides) 
  • Use a Google account or a Microsoft account (both instructors and students)
What did our faculty think of it? Loved it and thought it was easier to use than myBrainshark.

What are the "gotchas"? 
  • If you use test questions, you can't save it so mobile devices can access it; it can only be accessed from a desktop or notepad 
  • Closed captioning is not generated
  • Doesn't work with Macs or earlier versions of Office
Tools for Teaching: Office Mix Handout and more
Office Mix for Teachers:
Office Mix Help Guide For Educators (pdf, 22 pp)

By Becky Roehrs


  1. Nice post and thanks for the positive feedback. :)

    I work on the Office Mix team and am happy to help answer any questions.

    Happy Mixing!

  2. Thanks Amyr! Appreciate the support!


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