Sep 8, 2015

Web Conferencing 101 with Sakai TLC Workshop Recap!

Tara MacDonald and Charmaine Akiwenzie, of Blindside Networks "met" with us in the Durham Tech Teaching Learning Center on September 2 via a BigBlueButton online web conference session. Tara and Charmaine were actually in their offices in Canada.

BigBlueButton is the open-source web conferencing software we call the Meetings tool, which can be added to Sakai courses or project sites. Blindside Networks founded the BigBlueButton open source project and is also our vendor who supports our Meetings tool. Some of our colleagues joined the web conference remotely as well!

Tara MacDonald shared with us a bit of the history of BigBlueButton and showed us the web conferencing features available for students and instructors in Sakai. She also demonstrated a new feature we now have available to us, Polling. Charmaine Akiwenzie pointed out some of the troubleshooting tips we can use to help our students, if they lose their connection or have audio issues.

If you'd like to learn more about Meetings, our first Fall workshop is full, but a new Meetings workshop has been added that you can now register for that is being held:
Thursday, September 17, from 2-4 pm.  


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