Jul 7, 2015

How can you help your (online) students succeed?

Yes, ultimately, your students have to do the work, but what can you do to help them succeed?

In a 2015 Eduventures study of over 28,000 students (primarily 25+) pursuing a degree or certificate online, students self-identified themselves as either high performing or poorly performing. The students then explained what was helping or hindering them:

Masks (CC0 Public Domain)
masks-persona-duality-polarity by johnhain CC0 (Public Domain)
  • High performing students said they were succeeding when they had clear course objectives, easy-to-use technology, and their courses had the right pace. 
  • Poorly performing students said that distractions from family and personal obligations were the largest factor holding them back. The next three issues negatively affecting their performance were course pace (too fast/can't keep up), lack of interest/motivation, and unclear course objectives/expectations.
What can you do to help your students with your course? 
  • You can carefully review your course using online course guidelines to make sure your course content and delivery matches the course objectives.
  • Use best practices for creating activities with Sakai, your Learning Management System (LMS). Not familiar with creating Sakai activities? Register for the online Intermediate Sakai course to find out the best ways to create discussions, assignments and tests. 
What can you do to quickly find out who is falling behind?
  • Add the User Activity tool or Statistics tool
  • With the User Activity tool, you can see at a glance who has not logged on or submitted an activity lately. Or you can click on a student's name, to find out what they've actually been doing, such as trying to take a test, without submitting it.
Help for Students is Available: 

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