May 20, 2015

Our Favorite Tech Tools: Featuring Video Creation

This year's Favorite Tech Tools focused on videos, with ideas for locating them, customizing them and creating your own. One of our instructors, Robert Ballard, showed us how he uses Zaption, a free online tool,  to add questions into videos he created for his Automotive hybrid classes. Why did he like Zaption? 

  • He uploaded his own videos, added questions throughout his videos, and provided his students with the links to his Zaption video "tours". (You can also use videos from YouTube, TED-Ed and more.)
  • While watching the videos, students were asked the questions he added and students submitted their answers. All student participation and responses were recorded. Robert could then find out who watched the videos, for how long, and he could easily review their answers. 
  • Want to learn more? Here's our list of our Favorite Tech Tools resources and you can register for the Zaption  workshop and additional video creation workshops.
We mentioned TED-Ed since the educational videos are professionally created, but when creating their video lessons, you have to ask your questions after the video, not during the video. 

Next we discussed and demoed video creation apps

  • Doceri (free for iPads and Windows tablets) and
  • Explain Everything ($2.99 and for iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/phone, Windows 8 tablet)
Both apps provide the ability to record your drawings and narrate your video. Plus with Explain Everything you can draw on documents, videos, and web pages; you can easily move objects around,  zoom in, and finally, you can export your video to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and of course YouTube.  

Julie Humphrey, our librarian, demonstrated Films on Demand. We have over 20,000 academic videos we can use in our classes. Here are details for finding and adding these videos to Sakai.

Tools for Teaching: Resources for Creating Videos and PowerPoint Voiceovers  
Register for Video Creation and PowerPoint Voiceover workshops 

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