Mar 24, 2015

Hot News: Meetings (BigBlueButton) New Version Available!

We have the latest version of Meetings (BigBlueButton), 0.9.0, of our open source, online web-conferencing tool. 

What can you do with Meetings? You can upload files (pdf's), chat, display webcams, work with a white board, share your desktop, and share the Moderator/Presenter role with others.

What is new?

For Instructors/Moderators:
Displayed upper left corner buttons: share desktop, headset, webcam and new record button
  • Stop/Start Recording: Once you start a meeting, your meeting will record from the time you press the record button to the time you press the record button again. You can start and stop the recording as many times as you like-yet only one recording will be created. 
  • Lock Viewers: You can now lock (restrict) viewers from using the following: Private Chat, Public Chat, Layout, Webcam and Microphone.    
For all participants:
  • Meetings now highlights the web browser’s request for permission: When either Chrome or Firefox asks your permission to access your meeting -you get a big warning from Meetings, too, so you don't miss the request.
  • Audio test: Before you get into the meeting, you can also test your headset, by saying a few words.
For students:
  • Listen Only Audio: Users can join the meeting as a listener, so they don't have to deal with getting permissions from their web browser.
  • Register for the Meetings workshop, being held March 26.
  • Want to learn how to create and use Meetings? Check out Meetings Handouts, Videos and instructions for setting up your meeting with your students-all handouts are being updated later this week for the March 26 Meetings Workshop. 
  • Want to see screen shots of the latest updates? Here's BigBlueButton's overview of the latest version of Meetings.

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