Jan 15, 2015

Why use Jing to Record Videos? How-to's and Feedback

If you're not teaching a computer class, instructors wonder why they'd want to use a tool such as Jing, that records what you're doing on your computer screen.

TechSmith's Jing product web site

I found articles and posts by many different types of instructors describing and demonstrating how they are teaching with Jing:
  • In the article, Show Me!On Demand: Budget Friendly Instructional Videos, a science instructor described how she used Jing to answer the constant student questions that started with "How do I.."
  • Another instructor posted an example of his writing assignment feedback he provides his students using Jing: Student Assessment using Video Feedback
  • In an article with many examples, titled A few ways you might use Jing.., an algebra and statistics instructor uses Jing to record short videos of problems she goes through in class and posts them online so students can review different ways to solve the problems, whenever they want to.
What are other ways instructors use Jing? Instructors:
  • Demonstrate the strengths of a sample work or project
  • Highlight important or commonly misunderstood aspects of an assignment or project
  • Explain concepts and demonstrate how to perform English, math, science or computer lab assignments
Tools for Teaching: Jing: How to download Jing, create a video, and add it to Sakai 
Register for the Jing Workshop: Intro to Recording Jing Videos for Instruction (and Feedback)
Tools for Teaching: Screencasting: What is it and what tools can you use to create videos?

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