Jan 30, 2015

Starting Feb/March: Free (MOOC) Courses for Teachers and Educators

There are a  lot of excellent MOOC's (Massive Online Open Classes) available starting in February, as well March, that are free and easy to register for. Most courses last  4-6 weeks, but some are short, others are longer. You decide how much you want to contribute to your course, too. 

In the past, you could easily get a variety of free course certificates. Now, you may have to pay for a certificate, but I haven't, since I'm mainly interested in the content. It's totally up to you.

I really have enjoyed my courses at Coursera and Canvas.net, so check out the courses listed below. Even though they don't offer classes very often,  I've liked courses I've taken from Open2Study and Desire2Learn Open Courses. I haven't taken edX courses-but they are supposed to be excellent MIT, Harvard, and other university courses, in a variety of topics. 


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