Sep 17, 2014

Why is the Sakai Chat Room popular with students and instructors?

What is the Sakai Chat Room? The Chat Room is an interactive, real-time tool where you can have conversations with your students who are in your site at the same time. In the example below, the instructor, Jessica was answering student questions in a chat session she had announced to the class. Jessica used the Chat Room for online office hours. 

Sample Chat Instructor and student questions and answers

What about students who missed the chat session?
All of the conversations were archived. All of the students can go to the Chat Room on the main menu, scroll up, and read the prior student/instructor questions and answers.

Do you have to be in the Chat Room at the same time as your students?  No! 
Your students can post questions anytime in the Chat Room. Then you or other students can answer questions later, since all questions/conversations are archived and saved. 

How do you add the Chat Room? 
Go to Site Info, Edit Tools, check beside Chat Room, click Continue, click Continue again, and click Finish. The Chat Room tool will be added to the course main menu

How could groups use the Chat Room? 
By default, the main chat room is created after you add the Chat Room tool to your course site. In the Chat Room, at the top, click on Options. You can create a separate Chat Room for each of your groups.


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