Sep 5, 2014

Does Sakai provide a way to allow students or groups to create "projects"?

Lessons provides a link (in the More Tools drop-down), called Add Student Content, that allows your students (or groups) to add pages of their own.

After you click on Add Student Content, your students will see a heading Student Pages and each student or group will see a link they can click on to create their project, titled Add Your Own Page, as shown below. After adding their student page, students can update the title for the page; otherwise, just their name will display:

Student Pages with Add Your Own Page link

Once your student clicks on Add Your Own Page, they will be presented with many of the same buttons that instructors use in Lessons: Reorder, Add Text, Add Multimedia, Add Resource, and Add Subpage:

Student View of Student Content page
Can you grade Student Pages? Yes. Click on the Edit button to the left of the Student Pages area, to add grading, add comments to each page, and/or add grading for comments students make on each others Student Pages.

Add Grading and Comments for Student Pages
What's are examples of how instructors can use student pages?
  • Instructors can assign students a course project, where students use student pages to celebrate their favorite author, investigate a famous person in history, explore a recent electronics innovation, or document how different types of cloud computing are being used by individuals and companies.
Want more information about Student Pages? Rutgers has information about using the latest version of Lessons-Student Pages (scroll down a bit past the comments info to see the Student Pages info/grading). Note: We will have access to peer review in Student Pages once we convert to the next release of Sakai.

Need to learn more about the basics of Lessons? Here's our instructions.

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