May 5, 2014

Favorite Tech Tools: How to use the Snipping Tool, Jing, myBrainshark and YouTube MyWebcam

At our May 2014 6th annual Favorite Tech Tools workshop, our focus this year was on audio-visual tools. We pointed out why and how instructors use these primarily free tools, and demonstrated how to create and add the media to your Sakai courses:

Logos of Windows Snipping tool, mybrainshark, YouTube, Jing

  • Windows 7 Snipping tool: Quickly create screen shots or pictures of what is on your desktop
  • myBrainshark: Easily add voice narration to each slide and interactivity to PowerPoints 
  • YouTube MyWebcam: Create a short "selfie" video to introduce yourself or course lessons
  • Jing: Create a 5 minute or less screencast or video of actions that occur on your desktop, such as a video tour of your course site to orient students or create screenshots.
 Snagit: For $30, add lots of annotations to your pictures and create videos of any length.
All of the tools are loaded in Tech 952 and we have webcams you can borrow for short periods of time.

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