Apr 10, 2014

Free Educator Professional Development: Programming, Science, ELT, Flipping Classrooms, and Digital Literacies

Here are a few free upcoming MOOC's you may be interested in registering for, that usually last 4-5 weeks. You can register now for these courses, after creating an id with your email address. You can lurk, participate a bit, or go for a certificate:

MOOC Poster (no border) by Mathieu Plourde (CC BY 2.0)

From Coursera, here's a few suggestions for Educators:
April 10: Programming for Everybody (Python), provided by the University of Michigan. I just took Dr. Chuck's course on Internet History, Technology and Security which was excellent. He's branching out into a more basic course now.

April 14: The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators, provided by the American Museum of Natural History. Let me know what you think if you take this course.

May 12: Shaping the Way We Teach English 2: Paths to Success in ELT, provided by the University of Oregon. You can take part 1 or part 2 in any order.

From the Canvas Network, here's a couple of suggestions, I've signed up for both of these courses:

May 5: 30 Days of TED, (about flipping your classroom or curating TED videos), provided by Canyons School District

May 5: Digital Literacies II (Web 2.0 Tools), provided by San Diego County Office of Education

MOOCs Directory: Higher Education MOOC Providers
MOOCs from Great Universities (monthly calendar provided)

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