Apr 7, 2014

Four steps for setting up your Sakai classes

1) You're trained-where's your course? 

Find out in the Sakai Procedures, available on our wiki or video.

2) How do you copy your course? 

Follow the import Blackboard and/or Sakai instructions.
FYI: Blackboard is gone after June 29, 2014.
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3) How do you organize your course?

First, create/update your syllabus. Use it as your guide to meet your course learning objectives.  Then, use our Sakai Workshop handouts for organizing your course:

    4) Before classes start: 

    Review the Sakai Help for Students
    • Teaching Online? After the orientation request form is available, let us know if you're offering a face-to-face and/or online orientation. Email your students about their course orientation details

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