Apr 15, 2014

Flipping *Learning* in Higher Education

The Teaching Learning Center (TLC) featured a live broadcast of the Flipping in Higher Education webinar, on April 9. The event was sponsored by the Flipped Learning Network (FLN). 

The Flipped Learning Network has its own definition of what Flipped Learning is-it is not just "flipping a classroom", flipped learning has to occur.  Instructors could be providing a flipped classroom, which can range from students reading materials outside of class, watching videos, or solving problems. But for Flipped Learning to occur, four pillars of practice must be implemented:
  1. Flexible Environment
  2. Learning Culture
  3. Intentional Content
  4. Professional Educator
In the webinar, Dr. Helaine Marshall, a Flipped Learning Network board member, moderated the session, while a number of professors discussed and demonstrated flipped learning in their college classes. One of the professors suggested we go to their Flipped Learning Google Site to explore resources for adding flipped learning to your classroom.  In the Resources area, I found this slideshare that provides lots of ideas for flipping:

If you'd like to see the archived webcast, Flipping in Higher Education, you'll need to register and have Java installed.

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