Mar 21, 2014

What happened at the Sakai Showcase? (what tools could you be using?)

Sakai Showcase
Here's a few of the Sakai tools our instructors use and how/why:

  • Chat Room: Students ask and answer each others questions, often before the instructor has a chance to. 
  • Weighted Gradebook: Students can check their overall and individual grades at any time.
  • Forum and Topics:  Instructors assign case studies for students to discuss, and instructors can easily see and grade student postings in the topic.
  • Blog tool:  Students publish their writing assignments in the Sakai blog, without publishing their posts on the public Internet. Downside: Unlike other tools, the Blog doesn't link directly to the Gradebook. You record grades in the Gradebook, not the blog.
  • Lessons -Instructor grades Student Pages: Assign a project, such as "write about a favorite author"; students then use the lessons tools (student pages) to post text, multimedia (images and videos), resources (files) and web pages/links, on their own lessons pages. Instructors can also add comments, so students can comment on each other's pages, and instructors can grade student lessons pages and student comments-all in the Lessons tool.
  • Assignments: Assign papers students hand in by attaching their file in the assignment tool, and associate the paper with the Turnitin plagiarizer-checking tool. 
  • Tests & Quizzes: Add images to your tests, and use pools to randomize questions.  
  • Meetings: Add an online web conference for your orientations, for appointments with students, or for group meetings.
  • Softchalk: You can add text, screen shots and images to Softchalks, plus add puzzles, questions, and quick games students can play to test their knowledge. You can then upload and link to the Softchalk in Sakai, where ever you have access to the Text Editor, such as in Lessons or Assignments.
Quick Question: 
Can we require students to post before seeing other student posts? Yes, you can. Check out the Topic Posting Settings on page 2 in our latest Forum/Topic handout.


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