Mar 25, 2014

Free Presentations Available: from NC3ADL Regional Workshops

The North Carolina Community College Association of Distance Learning (NC3ADL) recently provided Spring regional workshops on three topics:
  1. Engagement in Online Learning
  2. Universal Design
  3. Best Practices in Faculty Professional Development
I attended the Central regional workshop on March 19, held at Durham Technical Community College. Here's some of the ideas from the Engagement in Online Learning presentations:
  • Amy Brown of Guilford Tech has her ACA 112 students "cheat on purpose", using Turnitin. Students take a screen shot of their Turnitin results, post the screen shot in their discussion forum, and discuss what they found out about plagiarism. 
  • After presenting a topic in her class,  Rebecca Quigley of Guilford Tech, assigns students a project demonstrating what they have learned. For the project, students create a video or create a document with screen shots using Jing
  • Tonya Riney, also from Guilford Tech, discussed how electronic badges can be used to validate student or faculty skills after they have successfully completed a workshop, course, or project.

Here are the NC3ADL regional workshop presentations and resources provided by many of the presenters. Enjoy!
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