Feb 6, 2014

Why/How do instructors create their own surveys (in Sakai)?

Why do instructors create their own surveys?

  1. Some instructors provide a survey at the beginning of their class, to access their students' background and knowledge about the course materials. Based on the results, instructors can emphasize or de-emphasize topics in their course, to help their students succeed.
  2. Some instructors provide a survey at different points in their class, to discover how well student's are learning the course material or how useful assignments have been, or what teaching methods have been most effective.  

 How do you create a Survey in Sakai?

  • You can use the Tests & Quizzes tool. For detailed instructions, you can follow the first part of the handout: Creating Surveys in Sakai

What kind of results can you get from a Survey?

Survey Total Scores displayed, with numbers above each tool link
Default Survey Results
  • You can find out who and when students submitted their survey. 
  • You can review a summary of student responses for each question.
  • You can export the results to a spreadsheet. 
  • For more details about survey results,  review the second half of the handout: Creating Surveys in Sakai


Encourage participation! Respond to the feedback you receive from your students. 
What can you doHere are three actions you can perform with your results.


Gathering Feedback from Students: Includes sample surveys in Word/PDF format. Teacher Surveys: Includes sample surveys and tips for creating surveys.


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