Feb 20, 2014

How do you copy a Sakai test (or quiz) from one Sakai site to another?

You can export your Sakai test from one course and import it into another:

h a test with t/f boxes, but also a big red question mark over the test

  1. Go to the Sakai site that contains the test or quiz you want to copy
  2. Click on Test and Quizzes. In the Working Copies tab, click the Select drop-down arrow beside the test you want to copy, click on Export
  3. Choose export type: Content Packing. Click on the Export button; choose a location to save the zipped file; you can also update the default file name as well; click on the Save button.
  4. Now click on More Sites, and click on the Sakai site you want to import or copy the test into. In that site, click on Test and Quizzes. To the right of where you usually type the Assessment title, click on the Import button.
  5. Click Browse or Choose File to locate and select the file you saved in Step 3 above. Once you've selected the file, click on the Open button. Click on the Import button.In a few seconds, you'll see the test in the Working Copies tab.

Resources: These instructions have been added to the Help for Instructors, Sakai ToolsAssessments area, under Importing Tests

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