Feb 19, 2014

Best Practices for Discussion Forums

If you couldn't make it to our workshop, here is our Best Practices for Forums presentation as well as the following resources we handed out or referred to:

Exchange of Ideas, Debate, Discussion, Entertainment (Public Domain, CC0)
Exchange of Ideas, Debate, Discussion, Entertainment (Public Domain, CC0)

  • Forum Questions used by Durham Tech Instructors: We've gathered over 15 examples of effective questions provided by our instructors, organized by type of class. 
  • Sample Rubric for Grading Forums:  This is the rubric Karen McPhaul uses in her online courses.
  • Generating and Facilitating Engaging and Effective Online Discussions: You'll find an excellent chart on page 5 that will help you create interesting and diverse questions for your students. The handout also contains example questions used by instructors online and in the classroom, on pages 6-7.
  • More Resources for Forums:  This is a group of web links, created using LessonPaths, formerly Mentor Mob EDU. The first link is to an infographic, titled "Why aren't your Students participating on the Discussion Board?" It contains yes/no questions, to guide you while creating an effective discussion forum.At the top of the LessonPath, in the middle, click Next to check out links to forum guidelines, rubrics, instructor examples, and research. 
How do you create, post in and grade a Sakai Discussion Forum/Topic?
We've updated the Forums/Topic handout in the Sakai Instructor Resources area for Forums  with the latest tips, including how to allow students to view posts without being able to post. 

Sakai Instructor Resources: Best Practices for Forums

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