Jan 23, 2014

Gradebook Testimonial: Why I now use Gradebook Categories and Weighting

I never used Gradebook weighting in Blackboard, and started out that way in Sakai.

But then I noticed a number of advantages of using Categories and Weighting in the Sakai Gradebook Setup area:

1) What if you need to add or delete a graded activity?
You don't have to go back to your Syllabus and update your Grading information with more or less activity and total points.

2) What if you want to drop the lowest grade in an activity area or category?
It's easy to do, without having to massage your Gradebook.
When you set up your Gradebook, you make up the category names for your activities.
Then you decide if you want to drop lowest grades for a category, such as for your Homework, but you don't need to drop anything in your other categories, such as Discussions or Exams.

3) Does it work?
Yes, it does! It did in Blackboard, too. But what I like, is that when you set up your Gradebook categories and weighting, Sakai won't let you set up your Gradebook until the weighting adds up to 100%. And it's easy to change the percentage and make it add up to 100%.

Bonus Benefit:   

Collect Bonus  By Frederic BISSON  CC-BY-2.0
You and your students can look at not just their individual activity grades, and overall course grade, but they can look at their category grades. Why is this important?

Even if you're not a math genius, in the Gradebook All Grades area, if your Homework category is worth 50% of the course grade, and a student has a 20% average Homework grade, they can't be doing well in your course!

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