Nov 18, 2013

Three ways to improve and humanize your courses

I just finished the three week Canvas Network MOOC, The Human Element: An Essential Online Course Component. It was fun and challenging!
What three tips did they provide (based on research)?

Image: 'Joris holds court'  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  1. For all types of classes: Create and Participate in Discussion Forums. Here are excellent tips for creating your discussion forum/topics (such as, make them graded assignments): Guidelines for Effective Online Discussions
  2. For all types of classes: Convert a Research/Writing/Lab assignment into a Peer Review Assignment. To find out how to set up a peer review assignment, and work with sample peer grading criteria for many different types of classes, check out this excellent FAQ about Peer Review.
  3. Add an introductory video, especially to online and hybrid courses. Here's a great video to get you started: Building Community in Your Online Course: Course Introduction Video  
Research and References: 
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