Nov 19, 2013

NEW! Math/Science editor in Sakai

Durham Tech's Sakai system now includes a math/science editor called WIRIS that allows users to enter mathematical formulas and scientific notation most anywhere in Sakai.

WIRIS handles many mathematical formats including fractions, square roots, sets, matrices, calculus, subscripts, superscripts and more. It also includes many symbols used in chemistry, physics, and other areas of science. See the complete list of options available in WIRIS.

To use WIRIS, simply click the orange square root symbol on the text editor toolbar (available most anywhere in Sakai you can enter text).

Sakai text editor toolbar with WIRIS icon on third row

The WIRIS formula editor box will open, where you can select the type of expression you want to build. When you're done, click Accept to save and continue working in Sakai. You can easily go back and edit your expression later if needed.

click square root icon to bring up wiris editor

WIRIS can be useful for putting equations or formulas in online tests or quizzes. When working in Sakai's Tests & Quizzes tool, you'll need to click "Show/hide text editor" to see the toolbar and access the WIRIS option.

Your students can use WIRIS too (but remember that you'll need to show them how to use it!). WIRIS is available to students anywhere they see the text editor -- for example, when posting in Forums, submitting an Assignment, or answering a short answer/essay question on a test or quiz.

Check out the WIRIS User Manual for lots more useful info and tips.

Read what Duke and UNC-CH have to say about WIRIS.

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