Oct 23, 2013

How do I import my content into Sakai and set-up my course site?

Need to see a demonstration of how to convert your Blackboard course and
import your Sakai course? Want hands-on assistance?

If you've completed the Sakai Intro course, Register now for our upcoming November workshops: Sakai Content Conversion 

Later is Now, Sakai Tutorials by UNC-CH, Some Rights Reserved

Otherwise, check out our document that can help you move your Blackboard content today into Sakai: 5 Tips for Converting your Blackboard Course to Sakai

In Blackboard, you can:
  • Download documents, such as PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files and images and/or
  • Copy content from Blackboard's text entry boxes
  • Export Tests, Quizzes and Pools 
You can also import your Sakai Practice course or prior semester's Sakai course into your Spring 2014 course sites using these instructions: Importing (Copying) Course Content from one Sakai Course to Another [Sakai to Sakai]

In Sakai, you can:
  • Upload documents and images to Resources and/or
  • Paste copied Blackboard content and relink images and documents 
  • Import Tests, Quizzes, and Pools directly from Blackboard to Sakai
Haven't registered for your Sakai Intro course? Register now!  

Completed your Sakai Intro but need to know how to:
  • Set-up your Gradebook (and Forums)
  • Organize your course with Lessons (and set-up Assignments)
  • Set-up your Test & Quizzes
Register now for October/November workshops before they fill up!

Can't make it to the workshops? You'll find the Workshop hand-outs on our Sakai Training web page and Sakai Procedures and Tools at the Sakai Instructor Resources

How do students get help? Check out our Sakai Help for Students

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