Sep 23, 2013

Best Tools for Creating (free) Online Slideshows

Larry Ferlazzo has an amazing blog-he has more "best of" blog posts than you can imagine or manage to keep up with. I really liked this recent post that highlighted lots of different tools: The Best Ways to Create Online Slideshows
His criteria for highlighting a tool were: It had to be free, easy to use, allows you to use photos from the web and your computer, allows for captioning, and is appropriate for the classroom.
brainshark: narration tool for slide shows
I'll mention the audio-narrated tools I know something about::
  • VoiceThread, which we've documented in our wiki, has been around quite a while and is very simple to use.
  • Karen used brainshark to create our Sakai Procedures Overview slideshow. She added narration to a PowerPoint she uploaded. She liked it since she could pause on each slide, and add the voiceover (and easily redo it for any slide, when needed). And she was able to upload it to Youtube. But you can also upload graphics, documents, and video clips as part of your narrated slideshow.
The article also mentioned some screencasting and weblinking tools as well:
  • In one of our recent Tech Tools workshops, we talked about how faculty are using screenr and Screencast-O-Matic to create 5-15 minute videos, but check out their details. They change what you can do with them regularly (sometimes they include/don't include audio, sometimes you must upload to their site or can download your videos).
  • I've posted about MentorMob in the past, which is a quick way to create a slideshow to web pages, videos and photos. I created a mentormob with web pages, to popular sites for professional development. Be careful with linking to videos and photos: they may not show up, depending on your web browser or device. 
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