Aug 5, 2013

What 3 Sakai Tools could I use this semester in my course site?

Other than Announcements, Email, Syllabus, Resources, and Gradebook, you might want to use one of the following three "tools" in your Sakai course:

  1. Add due dates to your Schedule/Calendar:
    When your students logon, in their Workspace, they can see the due dates from every Sakai class that uses the schedule/calendar. In your class, they'll just see your calendar entries in the Schedule/calendar. My students loved this.

    Note: When you Publish a Test/Quiz or Add an Assignment, you can check a box to display the due date on your schedule/calendar.

  2. Add and Display a List of Web Links in Resources:
    If you have web sites you usually like to go to and/or want your students to visit, create a folder in your course Resources area and add the links to it, using the video instructions above.

  3. Use Dropbox to Collect non-graded papers/files from students: 
    If you want to have a private location within your course to access each student's documents and files, you can set-up Dropbox. Otherwise, if you want student's to submit graded Assignments, you can use the Assignments tool.
Other Sakai Tools you could use:
  • Meetings: You can web conference with your class or groups (or individuals) for orientations, presentations, and student questions
  • Sign-Up: Schedule meetings with students/groups or individual students
  • News/RSS Feeds: Add a link to an RSS Feed for the latest news from your favorite web site or blog 
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