Aug 23, 2013

Essential Sakai Tips Instructors and Students Need to Know

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 The Survival Tools: Check out this previous blog post that has answers with pictures and instructions for these essential student/instructor questions:
  • I'm stuck in a Sakai tool? How do I get out? Use the Reset tool
  • Why doesn't Spellcheck work?Use the Spellcheck button in the Text Editor, then you'll get a correct word spelling suggestion
  • How do I stop the flood of emails I'm getting because I replied to someone's post?Update your settings with the Forums Watch button 
Popular Student Forum/Topic/Discussion Questions and Answers:
For Student Testing:  How do I avoid problems with Tests?

For Student Assignments: How do I submit Assignments?
How do I use Turnitin?

Previous Posts/Wiki pages For Instructors:

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