Jul 30, 2013

What can you do now to be ready to teach Sakai this Fall?

Student and Teacher
Student and Teacher
Complete your Training: Sign up now for the online Intro to Sakai course.  

After you successfully complete your Intro to Sakai course:
  1. Import your Blackboard and/or Sakai materials into your Fall 2013 Sakai course(s)
  2. Register next week for work sessions being offered the week of August 12 and August 19.

    Note: Be sure to finish your Intro to Sakai course at least 24 hours before your work session. We need time to evaluate your online training course and make sure your Fall classes are created for you.   

What else can you do after completing your Intro to Sakai course?
  1. Review the Sakai procedures available on our wiki or video 
  2. Use the workshop training handouts/manuals for Grading, Tests and Quizzes, and Lessons or view our Sakai tool overview videos. 
  3. Find out how to use Sakai communication tools (Forums and Schedule/Calendar), content tools (Resources and Blogs), and Assignment tools 
  4. Register for our Fall "Advanced" face-to-face workshops. The training schedule will be available soon!
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