Jul 19, 2013

How do you know which Educational Tech Tools are the best?

Edshelf is a free web site that is only a year old, that features instructor/teacher reviews of educational tools, and can be used to find content to work with students ages 1-21, plus 22+.

Subjects: Edshelf has an excellent array of subjects to find tools for, such as Accounting, Business, Computers, History, Medicine, Technology, and Writing.

Categories: Edshelf also has over 100 tool categories you can search too, such as Audio Creators,  Digital Storybooks, Game-Based Learning, Interactive Simulators, and Video Creators.

Create Your Own: Even better, you can create your own edshelf, with your favorite tech tools displayed, and share your edshelf with others.

Here's my edshelf (within my edshelf, click on the list view button on the right,  to see my comments about tools I selected): My Favorite tools for Online-Hybrid courses

My favorite tools for Online-Hybrid Courses

New K-12 Tool Review Web Site:

Graphite is a new free service created by Common Sense Media, where you can find  appropriate K-12 educational tools/web sites with teacher ratings and learning potential. Educational experts review, rate, and share the "best digital learning products available". 

To find tools/web sites, you can pick a type, subject, grade, and price (such as free or free to try). Unlike edshelf, you can't create your own "graphite" or share your set of tools with others.

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