Jun 18, 2013

Do's and Don'ts' of Creating/Leading Online Meetings (Sakai Meetings Tool Tips)

A number of people were interested in the Meetings tool, demonstrated at our Fifth annual Favorite Tech Tools workshop-Sakai Edition, held in May, 2013. If you missed our workshop:

To get started, you can review the Meetings .8 (BigBlueButton) video below for instructors, which demonstrates how to use the Meetings .8 features: Microphone, Chat, Webcam, File upload, White board, Desktop Sharing, and Sharing the Presenter/Moderator role with others.
Problems with viewing the video? Click on or copy and paste the direct link:

Now you're ready to review this excellent article from Campus Technology titled:
Do's and Don'ts' of Synchronous Learning

In the article, the author, Bridget McCrea, lists seven important tips. For additional details about how to use these tips with the Sakai Meetings .8 (BigBlueButton) tool, see below:

1) Check out our Meetings equipment check links
2) Review the Create/Start a Meeting Handout (just added to the Meetings wiki area), which provides student equipment check links and meeting logon instructions
3) Once you're in the Meeting, check your microphone carefully-practicing with a colleague is an excellent opportunity to test your presentation skills as well.  
4) Start with uploading and displaying a file, such as a PowerPoint and typing in the Chat Board. Wait until you have your "feet wet" before sharing your desktop, a web cam, or a whiteboard.

BigBlueButton is working on providing more features for the Meetings tool with their 0.81 release. We'll provide more details once the new version of the tool is ready and has been tested with our system.

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