May 17, 2013

Ready to set up your Sakai course? Sign up for a Work Session now!

Durham Tech's Sakai Team will host several "lab" or work sessions this summer.
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What is a work session? It's a chance for you to bring your materials, work on your Sakai sites, get help (if needed), and ask questions. Register now for a June or July work session. 

Who can attend? Work sessions are open to those who have completed the Intro to Sakai workshop. 
What aren't the work sessions? These are not instructor-led training workshops, but a time for you to work on your courses with helpers nearby. 

What if I haven't completed the Intro to Sakai workshop? Register now for the workshop. 

Will there be additional workshop materials or workshops available?
Check out the workshop handouts or Register now for Gradebook, Tests & Quizzes and Lessons workshops. 

Will there be an online version of the Intro to Sakai workshop? Yes. We're planning to make it available in June. Check our Sakai blog or our Sakai Training web page for updates.

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