May 20, 2013

Language Instructors: Update your Sakai Course Site/Workspace Language!

In a recent training sessions, one of the Language instructors asked if there was a way to change the language displayed in Sakai. I remembered you could update your Workspace language, but you can also update your Sakai Course Site Language. 

Go to Site Info, then Edit Site Information-at the top, beside Site Language, click your language (such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, or Portuguese), at the bottom, click Continue and Finish. Check out your main menu items on the left!

Update Course Site Language Setting

To update your Workspace language:  Go to your My Workspace, then Preferences-at the top, click on the Language button, click on your language, at the bottom, click Update Preferences button. You'll get a confirmation message at the top when you're done.

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