Apr 26, 2013

Five *End-of-Semester* Sakai Grading Tips

After you've graded your student's last discussion postings, assignments, and tests, check out these five important Sakai grading tips:
Grades ABCDF in circles
  1. What are your course letter grade/point values?
    At the top of the Gradebook, click Course Grade Options. You can change your Grade Type and/or your Grade Point minimum's (our default grade is a letter, based on a 10 point scale). After updates, click Save.
  2. Are all the graded items part of your student course grade?
    In the Gradebook default view, review the Included in Course Grade column. If you need to make a change, beside the grade item, click Edit. After making updates, click Save Changes.
  3. What if you missed grading an item (such as assignments not submitted by students)? The Gradebook *does not include* ungraded gradebook items in the final course grade. Students could get a higher course grade. In the Gradebook, click Course Grades. To enter zeroes for all ungraded assignments, at the bottom, click on Set Ungraded Items to Zero. Your students grades will be recalculated.
  4. What if you need to override a student's course grade (their letter grade)? In the Gradebook, click Course Grades. Enter a student's new letter grade in the Grade Override box. Click Save Changes.
  5. How do you release course grades to students?
    At the top of the Gradebook, click Course Grade Options. Click in the check box beside Display course grade to students now. Click Save.
Need more details and explanations? Check out the Gradebook Workshop Handout.

Photo Credit: "Grades", from kirbymcdowell.wordpress.com, labeled for reuse in Google Images

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