Feb 12, 2013

Latest Top Two Sakai Student Q&A

Here's the latest Top Two Student Sakai Q&A

1) Forums/Topics: When I try to reply to a post in a Discussion Topic, I get an alert message, where I'm told to close multiple browser tabs or contact my system administrator. What am I doing wrong? 

You're using the web browser back button, instead of using links and buttons in Sakai. Here's the instructions for:
2) Tests: What do I need to know before I take a test?
  • Use the latest version of the Firefox web browser (it's free).
  • Use Sakai's Test buttons (next, previous, save); don't use your web browser's forward/back buttons or open new browser tabs.
  • Once you start a timed test-finish it. Even if you log out, the timer will continue.
  • More Test Taking Tips