Jan 9, 2013

Why can't students see your Sakai images or files?

Sometimes students can't see images or can't link to documents in your Sakai course site, yet you can see and link to them just fine. What's the problem?
fix broken links
  • The images and documents you have linked to may not be located in Resources of the course site the students have access to.
  • Depending on how you copied content from Blackboard, or how you inserted images/files into your Sakai Lessons area, or if you moved your files after linking to them in Lessons, your Sakai images and files could still point to your original course or original location you loaded your images and files. What can you do?

  1. If you want to copy images and document links from Blackboard, but pasted the content into your Sakai site, you can fix the broken links by using the 5 Tips for Converting your Blackboard course to Sakai.  
  2. If you used the Sakai Text Editor in Lessons to insert images or create links to items in your Resources area, these images and links may not copy properly to future course sites.  To fix this, you can relink your files or check out our Lessons note below.
  3. If you move files around in Resources after creating links to them, those links can be broken. Again, you can relink your files.
Our recommendations: Put the images and files in Resources of the site where the problem is happening. Then relink your images and files.

A note about Lessons:
  • We recommend against using the Sakai Text Editor in Lessons to insert images or create links to items in your Resources area.
  • Instead, use the Add Multimedia button to insert images and use the Add Resources button to link to documents in your Resources area. Check out the Lessons Workshop handout to find out how. 
We also have resources we've added to the Sakai Instructor wiki about importing content.

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