Jan 9, 2013

Where can we find images to use in Sakai?

My favorite web site for Creative Commons images (images with some copyright vs all copyrighted) was flickrCC, but it was gone for a while. Now it's back! Luckily Keith Ferrel of Ed Tech Ideas, posted an article about Three Creative Commons Photo Sites You Should Know About
Two colorful woodpeckers facing each other in a hole in a tree
 The article does include flickrCC, but the author also suggests two other sites:
  • flickrCC: I love this site because of it's beautiful pictures, plus it generates a link to the image and to the attribution for flicrCC that you can copy and paste with your image.
  • flickr storm: It's very similar to flickrCC, but you do have to click on advanced options, to pick a license type. Sometimes, it's off-line, too.
  • pics4learning: It's set up for teachers and students, so it's very easy to use, but pics4learning doesn't have the types of pictures flickr storm and flickrCC can provide
You can also use Creative Common's Search:
  • Click on a resource to search (such as flickr, Google images, fotopedia, or Wikimedia Commons)
  • Type in a key word 
  • Click on what you want to search for (the type of license)
  • Press Enter
If Creative Commons and licensing is new to you, check out this overview, which includes lots of links to Creative Commons