Jan 15, 2013

Top 3 Sakai Student Q&A

1) I'm stuck in a Sakai Tool (ie Lessons, Gradebook, Forums).
     How do I get out?
Sakai tool reset button
Sakai Reset button
  • In the upper left corner, next to the Tool name, click on the Reset button (blue circling arrows)
  • After clicking the Reset button, you'll be returned to the tool's main screen
      2) How do I use Spell Check in the Text Editor?
If you right-click on a misspelled word, you get a choice to paste!
Mispelled words
Misspelled words-how can you fix them?
  •  In the middle of the middle toolbar, click on the "Proofread writing" tool
  • Right-click on the red underlined word. You'll now see a list of correctly spelled words to choose from, that you can left-click

Sakai "Spell Check" button
           3) I'm getting too many Sakai emails! How do I stop the flood?

Forums watch button
Forums Watch button
The Fix: When you first enter the Forums tool, there is a button at the top that says "Watch". Click on the button and you can change how frequently you wish to be notified of forum postings.
Why was this happening? 
When students reply to a student's post, the original poster will get an email, letting them know each time someone has replied to their post. If you're popular, this can get overwhelming.
       More Tips: